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If you have a small kitchen but a big desire for quality coffee, an under counter coffee maker is just the appliance you need. Designed with all of the standard features and offering a delicious cup of coffee every time, these space saver coffee makers are a dream come true.

If you are like most of us, clutter and general culinary gadgets tend to collect in the kitchen.

And it doesn’t seem to matter how big our kitchen is, we still need more counter space.

Tight space coffee makers can be just what you are looking for, and under cabinet coffee makers are a super convenient way to “have our coffee and counter space, too”.

How under the counter coffee makers / under the cabinet coffee makers work

under counter coffee maker under cabinet coffee maker Black and Decker space saver coffee maker. Black and Decker Thermal Spacesaver Coffee Maker

These space saver coffee makers simply attach to the bottom of your cabinets.

Using sturdy bolts, these coffee machines can be secured in just the right position. All of the hardware you need to attach them is generally included.

You likely won’t even notice the bolts that fit smoothly from the inside of the cabinet, and with a power drill you can have these under cabinet coffee makers up in no time at all.

Why You Need an Under Counter Coffee Maker

With an under cabinet coffee maker you can enjoy a quality cup of coffee without sacrificing space in your kitchen. But the conveniences don’t end there. You’ll also have the benefit of operating your coffee maker at eye level (for most people), which can help on those groggy mornings after a late night.

Most space saver coffee makers are equipped with a “pause and brew” feature which allows you to remove the carafe during the brew cycle without flooding the kitchen floor with hot coffee. Some of the more popular models, including the Black and Decker Spacemaker coffee maker, are available with a thermal carafe option that will keep the coffee hot, without scorching it, for up to 4 hours.

A full size pot is standard with most under cabinet coffee makers. So you needn’t give up anything but counter space. Choose from 8, 10 and 12-cup capacities by the best coffee maker manufacturers.

Are the under cabinet coffee makers simple to set up?

Oh, yes! Setting up these spacesaver coffee makers is a very simple task. Generally, the water reservoir is removable, allowing you to fill it directly from the tap or your water filtration system before sliding it back into the space saver coffee maker.

Note here: Look for the coffee makers that include a water filter for better tasting coffee.

This also makes clean up a breeze, another plus for the design. The filter bucket can be a drawer or a swing out system and the heating bed is well protected to prevent accidental burning.

Affordable and Reliable

The Black and Decker Spacemaker coffee maker is by far the most popular line in this style, but there are others on the market as well. Contoure carries a sleek under counter coffee maker that brews a tasty cup and boasts a stainless steel carafe.

Intercon Marketing, a lesser known manufacturer, also offers a space saving model.
You need to decide for yourself if whether the price tag and features offered match up to the user reviews of these models.

Black Decker Spacemaker coffee maker has the widest range of selection, including different size of carafes and features that all deliver more counter space and flavorful coffee.

With more space, dependable coffee taste and easy operation, you’re sure to fall in love with your kitchen again using an under counter coffee maker.

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